CooperVision Russia Launches Brand Advocate Seminars

CooperVision Russia brand advocates get hands-on experience using diagnostic equipment during a recent training session in Moscow

Championing the CooperVision brand is an ongoing priority for the CooperVision Russia team. In March, nearly 40 brand advocates met in Moscow for a training session, “Collecting Positive Clinical Case Studies.”

Professional Affairs Consultant Olga Kolchenko explained the goals and objectives of the Brand Advocate program and, based on knowledge obtained at the last European conference in Vendhoven, shared perspective on issues facing contact lens wearers.

Brand advocates got hands-on experience and placed theory into practice. They learned how to use diagnostic equipment, tried different CooperVision contact lenses, checked the fitting, used ophthalmic diagnostic strips, and learned how to record videos of clinical cases.

Significant training was devoted to the introduction and successful application of CopperVision Russia’s Medical Marketing Program. Chief Physician Zara Mamiy from Optrica shared some of the tactics that have been successful for her. Brand Manager Yulia Sizenova also delivered an interesting presentation about consumer preferences and the use of social networks to advance eye health.

The knowledge and skills acquired during the training will help brand advocates to demonstrate successful use of CooperVision products and help advance eye care practitioners’ work with their patients.

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