OneVision: A Journey Toward Business Maturity

As CooperVision evolves, the company is transforming its business processes and systems to meet growing needs and demands

Much like people, organizations mature through new experiences and exposure to new environments. The same is true for CooperVision. Significant strides in recent years have been consistent with ongoing growth, shifting customer needs and marketplace success.

OneVision co-leads Lee Dame (left) and Joel Hendershot (right)

Yet many underlying business processes and systems can’t keep pace. OneVision is remaking those processes with supporting digital systems to meet more complex demands. It’s a product of the company’s maturation to date, and is building a foundation for the future.

“Maturation is a never-ending journey. The recent successful go-live at our large manufacturing facility in Hungary increases our confidence to take on major organizational change,” says Lee Dame, OneVision co-lead. “Hungary was our most complex Oracle enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation to date and we’re building in new capabilities moving forward that will positively impact our performance worldwide.”

To understand where CooperVision is, it’s important to reflect on progress made since OneVision planning and preparation began in 2014. “We’re evolving from an individual-based to a process-based knowledge culture,” explains Joel Hendershot, OneVision co-lead. “We’re weaving that collective knowledge into the system design and in turn the fabric of the organization which takes time, but we’re making great progress.”

This past year, a business process management team with senior leaders from each major functional area has focused on embedding company business knowledge into OneVision and the Oracle ERP system.

One challenge is keeping pace with accelerating innovation and change in the contact lens industry. Every day, new technologies and delivery systems are emerging. “It’s both exciting and daunting,” Lee explains. “OneVision can provide a global view of the company’s financial, commercial and operational activities to ensure we anticipate and drive these changes.”

Streamlining disparate business processes and systems is no easy endeavor, but the benefits for the company are significant.

“A great example is our partnering approach in Singapore and Malaysia,” Joel says. “Our partnership demonstrated that the capabilities are already available in the OneVision Oracle system to meet more than 90 percent of their business needs, with access to established business processes on a proven system. It’s a quicker path to data and process maturity than building from the ground up. The heavy lifting has already been done.”

As with any initiative involving major change, patience is required, but there are also significant short-term gains.

Country Manager Enrique Contreras affirmed this after the OneVision go-live in Mexico. “I thought this was going to be a real challenge, but today we are able to do more than I ever thought possible, and we haven’t even taken advantage of all the capabilities yet.”

Along with patience, time and flexibility are key to any growth process. The same is true of any company—it’s best to allow business processes to mature and evolve.

“As the company grows, OneVision will adapt to shifting business needs, building in new capabilities moving forward,” Joel explains. “We’re doing incredible work that shows the company’s maturation—something for which we should all be proud.”

“At the same time, it’s important to remember the journey to business maturity is a marathon, not a sprint, with no end. OneVision will help achieve our long-term goals, maturing with the organization as we continue to define common, scalable business processes, align with customer needs and expectations and become better equipped to succeed in a dynamic global marketplace.”

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