Getting to Know Shaun Schooley

Tell us about growing up…

Shaun Schooley
Vice President of Global Marketing Technology

I grew up in a small farming community of less than 1,000 people in central Nebraska called Wood River. I came from a small family and am an only child. My father worked for the government developing rural electrical networks. Through his learning and experience, he eventually left the government and built the region’s first cable television company. After years in that business he, with a lot of help from my mother, eventually built and ran one of the region’s first organic farms. After my father passed, my mother, who was also a full-time art teacher, moved to a nearby town and has since retired.

I attended a small liberal arts college in Nebraska called Hastings College and received my MBA from Arizona State University. My first job out of school was with Wells Fargo in consumer loan finance, relocating me to Northern California. I love Northern California and have spent the majority of my career in the area.

How long have you been with CooperVision?

I’ve been with CooperVision for over six years. When I joined, the Company was just reaching the $1 billion mark in revenue and it was clear that with the strength of the team and product portfolio, there was going to be significant growth in the coming years. At CooperVision, I started in U.S. Marketing, developing value-added services that helped eye care practitioners improve their online visibility and social presence. My role evolved to be global following our purchase of WebSystems 3, a small O.D.-owned patient relationship management system and the subsequent creation of LensFerry, our mobile-based contact lens re-order system that is currently being used in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Spain. My career before CooperVision was largely in e-commerce and payment systems. I’ve worked at companies in various industries including Wells Fargo, Charles Schwab and several start-ups. I also spent a few years running payments for Amazon in Seattle.

What does your current role entail?

Upon stepping into the role of Vice President of Global Marketing Technology, I was presented the objective to use technology to help differentiate CooperVision as manufacturer and help our customers sell more contact lenses. I manage a team that largely plays the role of commercial R&D, using different, often technical capabilities, to create programs and services that drive share gain and contact lens sales.

Operating under the EyeCare Prime subsidiary, we built out a suite of marketing and technology services and solutions that we provide to nearly 6,000 storefronts globally. Our group also manages the commercial aspects of our global business-to-business e-commerce system, works closely with IT to enhance direct-to-patient capabilities, and develops and manages the global implementation of order simplification tools such as the First Contact trial/facility lens re-order iPad app. Our team has grown from me and two interns to over 40 employees, including a team in Europe.

15 Things You May Not know About Me

  1. During the early ‘90s, I was a Peace Corps volunteer and worked and lived in Botswana in Southern Africa.
  2. I was on an episode of A&E Biography that featured Jeff Bezos.
  3. I hold nine patents in payments and contact lens ordering technology.
  4. My wife Jaunie works with autistic children at our local schools in Moraga, California.
  5. We have two children. My daughter is a freshman at the University of Denver.
  6. My son is a freshman in high school.
  7. My first car was a Pontiac Catalina. It was about three feet shorter in length than the standard yellow school bus. Fun fact, this was also Dennis Murphy’s first car.
  8. Today, I still drive Dennis Murphy’s car. I bought his old one.
  9. Because I grew up in the country and drove on gravel roads, I get very nervous when my car gets above 40 miles per hour.
  10. I am fascinated with golf, and after 40 years in the game, I have recently realized I don’t know how to play it.
  11. I like to take conference calls while walking around our office buildings, and in a given month I log over 100 miles.
  12. I worked with Stephen King to sell his first online serialized novel called The Plant.
  13. My family loves to travel and we try to go somewhere interesting and adventurous every year.
  14. I sketch when I have down time.
  15. Occasionally when it’s nice out, I will ride my bike to work.
  16. Sushi and sashimi are some of my favorite foods.

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