First Contact App Streamlines Trial Lens Orders

Digital replication of a Biofinity® multifocal drawer within the First Contact app

As any savvy shopper knows, when it comes to shoes or clothes, fit matters. It’s important to try them on for the proper fit before taking them home. The same is true for contact lenses. That’s why global contact lens manufacturers provide complimentary trial lenses so that optometrists and patients can assess them for the perfect fit.

To allow for easy sampling, trial lenses are kept in fit-set containers, categorized by brand and strength, but many practitioners leave the timeconsuming task of reordering and stocking them to their sales representatives, which can limit the representative’s productivity, bandwidth and availability for customer meetings.

In an effort to streamline the process, EyeCare Prime/Global Marketing Technologies launched the First Contact app in the U.S. market and has since expanded globally. The user-friendly app allows sales representatives to place trial lens orders on their tablets in a matter of seconds. From a menu of trial lens products, once the sales representative selects a product, a digital replication of the product drawer displays, allowing the representaitve to easily identify and select trial lens slots that need to be replenished with product. Concurrently, a cart is also automatically created for the representative, providing them with a simple way to compile, review and submit trial lens orders.

“The First Contact app is truly a game changer,” said Rhea Spratt, U.S. Field Account Executive. “The app provides quick and easy accessibility to CooperVision trial lenses for our customers.”

Using the First Contact app is yielding huge dividends. The average sales representative submits 266 orders per year via the app.

“The continued development and support of this technology reinforces CooperVision’s core value of being an inventive company that strives to provide the ultimate customer experience,” said Shaun Schooley, Vice President of Global Marketing Technology.

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