Delta Park Operations: Meet the Export Shipping Team

Members of the Export Shipping Team
From left to right (Left Photo) Wendy Spence, Sally Wilkes, Mihaela Hering, barbara Hunt, Lisa Murray, Kristina Steinbach, Marcin Szczerek, Agnes Wee, Tara Robinson (Right Photo) Kerry Dredge, Nigel Felton, Barbara Hunt

Just as airlines have central hubs at airports around the world to get travelers from one destination to another, the same is true for CooperVision. Each day, over five million contact lenses are shipped from the company’s Delta Park distribution center in the U.K. to other CooperVision sites, customers or direct to consumers, totaling an astonishing 1.3 billion lenses per year.

“That vast amount of product couldn’t reach its destination without the coordinated efforts of Delta Park’s Export Shipping team, one of many behind- the scenes teams that make the facility a success,” says Jason Burden, Operations Director, Delta Park Operations. “The team is responsible for collating, wrapping, preparing the required paperwork and arranging transportation for each shipment.”

It’s a huge undertaking and one the entire Delta Park team takes very seriously. In addition to coordinating product preparation, packaging and shipment, the Export Shipping team receives orders and collaborates with many different business functions from customs compliance and finance to quality assurance, ensuring that shipments are distributed on time to the correct location and are aligned with customers’ expectations.

CooperVision distributes about 600 shipments per month from Delta Park, and attention to detail is critical. The Export Shipping team’s daily tasks include facilitating queries from customers and shippers, following a shipping schedule while allowing for flexibility due to changing customer needs and requirements, organizing carrier pickup for road, air and sea shipments, and much more.

With an incredible 90 years of combined total service to the company, the team consists of eight shipping coordinators and a despatch coordinator reporting to the despatch team leader and export logistics controller.

“The Export Shipping team is a crucial spoke in the wheel of Delta Park Operations,” explains Jason. “If this team didn’t perform its tasks each day, it would impact our ability to distribute our products around the world. Their contribution is paramount to the success of our business.”

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