CooperVision Welcomes Delegates to Tomorrow at Key European Contact Lens Conference

The Dutch Contact Lens Congress—NCC—is recognized as a key date within the contact lens category, attracting delegates from across the world. NCC 2018—the seventh time this twice- yearly event has taken place—didn’t disappoint, with well over 1,500 eye care professionals and industry leaders converging on the event, based near Eindhoven in the Netherlands.


Like at the British Contact Lens Association’s Clinical Conference and Exhibition and in line with the global theme being presented to international media, CooperVision led with its Welcome to Tomorrow messaging, consistent with CooperVision’s focus on bringing the innovations of tomorrow to today’s marketplace.


The product focus was on the innovations most relevant to the BeNeLux markets— Biofinity Energys™, MyDay® toric and the entry level silicone hydrogel one-day house brand, Live®.

There was tremendous delegate interest in the product mix, with an opportunity to find out more about the products from not only the sales and professional services team members based at CooperVision’s stand, but also from the interactive product information terminals.


CooperVision had our highest scientific presence ever at the NCC this year, with two podium presentations and five posters sessions, which were upgraded to short presentations. All supported our objective to showcase our recent science to support our latest products and reinforce our key clinical messages.


There was also fun to complement the science. Delegates had the opportunity to be part of the future through CooperVision’s bespoke augmented reality application that instantly changed the world around them. There were also refreshments from tomorrow—our coffee was out of this world!

CooperVision truly made its mark at NCC 2018— embracing the future and taking delegates with us on the journey.

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