CooperVision Iberia Initiative Blends Sales & Customer Service to Heighten ECP Experience

Top: TSC agents Ana Maria Sevilla (left) and Ana Catarina Sousa (right)
Bottom: Customer Service department at the CooperVision Iberia office

After considerable success in recent years, the CooperVision Iberia team recently challenged itself to find tasks that it could improve through simplification—an exercise in avoiding complacency while sustaining its momentum. Attention turned to the tele-sales operation, which has been traditionally staffed by professionals who understood eye care, but whom did not necessarily have medical degrees.

“We looked across the organization and asked why our optometrists in customer service roles couldn’t also play a part in our tele-sales efforts,” said Ana Belén González, Iberia Customer Service Manager. “It was a seemingly simple and natural internal partnership. With that idea turned into action, our Technical Support to Customer (TSC) initiative was born!”

Blending Customer Service, Technical Support and Sales, TSC’s first project centered on MiSight® contact lenses, beginning in February. Customers who completed online MiSight® training courses, yet showed little fitting activity or sales, were designated for personal calls from a TSC agent.

After exploring their experiences with the product, their interaction with children and their parents, and any challenges they may be facing in recommending MiSight®, the TSC agent customizes a course of action. This has ranged from offering expert advice on how to more effectively speak with parents about myopia management and MiSight’s role, to discussing total price and value, to sending new or replenished marketing materials to the practices.

“When some customers offer MiSight® to children under age 12, parents believe the child is too young,” said Ana. “We counsel that as soon as they start with MiSight® better results will be achieved. This also extends to first-time contact lens wear. Because MiSight® is a 1-day lens, it’s not as big an issue if the child loses one while learning to put them in and take them out.”

As the initiative continues, it’s expected that everyone in Iberia Customer Service will take part.

“While this inventive approach is still quite new, we are already receiving positive feedback from customers,” noted Ana María Sevilla, Iberia Customer Service Agent. “When we began, it was a bit difficult because we aren’t used discussing experiences and difficulties with our customers in this way. But after few calls, the conversation gets flowing and we gain a lot of meaningful interaction. By focusing on simple methods to better align our efforts, we have high hopes for enhancing our service, our sales and our market share thanks to TSC!”

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