Al White Named President and CEO of The Cooper Companies

Company Poised for Long-Term Growth in Eye Health and Women’s Health

Al White
President and Chief Executive Officer, The Cooper Companies

On April 30, Bob Weiss retired as President and Chief Executive Officer of The Cooper Companies after more than 40 years with the organization. Al White, a 12-year veteran of the company, has now stepped into those roles, effective May 1, to lead the business forward.

Bob joined The Cooper Companies in 1977, holding multiple senior management positions including Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer and President of CooperVision. During his past decade as CEO, the business has grown exponentially, built strong franchises and organizations in CooperVision and CooperSurgical, and became a member of the S&P 500.

He is remaining on the Board of The Cooper Companies and will also serve as an advisor through December 31 to assist in the leadership transition.

“Serving as President and CEO has been a privilege and I would like to thank all our employees for their commitment and dedication. It has been an honor to lead such an outstanding organization,” said Bob. “This is the perfect time for Al to become our next CEO. His experience and deep industry knowledge make him an excellent choice going forward. I have the utmost confidence in him.”

Al joined The Cooper Companies in 2006 and has helped lead and execute many of the Company’s investments and strategic decisions. Most recently, he was Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Strategy Officer and CEO of Cooper Medical, Inc., the holding company for CooperSurgical.

CooperConnect had the opportunity to ask Al a few questions as he took the helm.

Should we expect any significant changes in how The Cooper Companies is run with your appointment as President and CEO?

I’m extremely pleased with the direction of the company and don’t expect significant deviation from how we operate today. We have a very hard working and talented workforce driving our two great businesses, and we need to remain focused on growth and achievement. I love both our businesses and strongly believe we are well positioned for continued success in the years to come.

How do you view the markets we serve, i.e., eye health and women’s health?

We operate in two very healthy markets. The contact lens market is a fantastic global business with strong underlying growth fundamentals led by new, high-quality silicone hydrogel products, an expanding wearer base and a growing geographic footprint. CooperVision is extremely well positioned to continue capitalizing on these trends with our strong portfolio of market-leading products. Women’s healthcare is also a fantastic global market. Our leading products within ObGyn medical devices, along with our leading positon in the global fertility space, positions us well for many years of future growth.

Eye health and women’s health are distinct and have their own needs, but they also share some similarities. Both are rapidly evolving to address changing needs from medical professionals and consumers, and our product portfolios are well-designed to meet and exceed those demands.

In addition to our organic progress, we’ve also been making strategic acquisitions to further extend our reach—geographically and into new product and services. That’s part of what makes my new role so invigorating, and why I’m enthusiastic about the future.

Speaking of the future, what’s ahead for the company?

Continued growth and excitement! I feel very confident about the position we’re in today and the future. We have an extremely talented employee base around the world and our deep customer knowledge lets us better invest in our products and infrastructure to deliver the best experience, keeping us positioned ahead of competitors.

The most important aspect of our future success is remaining focused on our business objectives to stay positioned ahead of our competitors. We have a long history of doing that, and I am excited for the future!

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