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A Timeless Design: MyDay® toric

CooperVision paid homage to our market-leading toric lens design with the launch of MyDay® toric at SECO & VEE 2018

Designs can often be fleeting. In industries such as fashion, interior design and architecture, new designs are adopted, replicated, popularized, and then they’re out. But every so often, a design is so revolutionary—and so ahead of its time—that it lives on for much longer. It’s timeless.

Such is the case with CooperVision’s proven and widely respected Biofinity® toric design, Optimized Toric Lens Geometry™, which has been key to Biofinity® toric becoming the most prescribed toric lens in the United States[1]. Now, CooperVision has taken those trusted toric design features and applied them to our premium silicone hydrogel 1-day toric contact lens, recently unveiling the long-awaited MyDay® toric at two major U.S. optometry industry events.

The celebration started on March 1 at the Southeast Congress of Optometry (SECO) 2018, a well-known conference for optometrists and ophthalmic professionals. Here, CooperVision showcased the innovation represented by MyDay® toric by honoring the timeless toric design that brought this new lens to life. The booth was adorned with conversation-starters, including a head-turning performance car, ageless fashion accessories and an iconic smartphone. It all highlighted the concept of timeless design and its importance in the development of MyDay® toric.

Also showcased was a 36” contact lens replica that featured an educational augmented-reality experience when an iPad was hovered over hotspots on the lens. Near the registration desk, a professional chalk artist recreated a stunning interpretation of the theme “The Intersection of Timeless Design and Technology: MyDay® toric.”

Just two weeks later, CooperVision brought this exciting MyDay® toric launch along with the timeless design theme to Vision Expo East (VEE) in New York City, heralded as the largest eyewear & eye care trade show in the world. Again, the new lens was well-received, especially in light of the exciting announcement of MyDay® toric’s expanded parameters extending to +6.00D available April 2, further expanding the number of patients that ODs can fit in the lens.

This innovative and head-turning nod to timeless design gave CooperVision representatives the perfect opportunity to spark a conversation with booth visitors about the MyDay® toric lens. After all, the timelessness of Biofinity® toric is what inspired CooperVision to incorporate the same design into the 1-day modality with MyDay® toric. Booth visitors also had the opportunity to learn more about the MyDay® toric design and features via in-booth live presentations by Mark Andre, Director, Academic Affairs, at SECO and Steve Rosinski, OD from Crozet Eye Care, at VEE.

U.S. Director of Marketing for 1-day brands Inga Grote-Ebbs commented, “With an increasing number of U.S. patients moving into 1-day lenses—or wanting to because of the comfort, convenience and healthier lens-wearing experience—MyDay® toric gives eye care practices the ideal opportunity to grow. There has never been a greater need for a lens like MyDay® toric, an advanced contact lens that builds upon the well- respected design features of Biofinity® toric. By adding this lens to our 1-day portfolio, I also feel we have yet one more valuable asset to help us move toward our goal of 50/50 by 2020, in which the North American business is seeking to secure 50% revenue from our 1-day portfolio by January 2020.”

[1] Q3 2017 US industry data on file.

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